You are looking for a studio that specializes in weddings! A studio that loves preserving weddings. A studio that even puts weddings in their name! You have found Agape Weddings.

Recession Bonus! We now start from under $1,000 for your non-Saturday wedding; photography or videography. Please call for details
(Agäpāe) Agape is Greek for Unconditional Love. The Greek language has four words for love where English only has one. In the original Greek text of the bible, Agape is the love that God uses to express His unconditional love for us. The unconditional love you now feel for your fiancé?
Since 1992 Agape Weddings has been providing Chicago area brides with the finest in both photography and videography services. We strive to work together and compliment your day to ensure a worry free day without any added stress or difficulties.
Our internationally award winning studio's owner and founder John Welsh has been featured locally and nationally on live television as the wedding, photography and video expert for ABC, FOX and WGN television networks. He has been featured in a front page article in the Chicago Sun Times as well as many other articles and features in other newspapers, magazines and radio stations both local and nationally.
Our photographers have had their displayed at the EPCOT Center and have won many state and national awards. Instructing up and coming as well as seasoned wedding photographers throughout the country. Including the renowned Mt. Carroll School of Photography. Accredited as a Certified Professional Photographer and recognized as a Photographic Craftsman.
Our nationally recognized and award winning wedding professionals provide you with our innovative "Distinctive Wedding Artistry... Naturally" Agape Weddings professionals have been described by our clients as, "an unseen observer" and as, "an all seeing shadow with a camera!" You'll appreciate our natural, unobtrusive style with an eye for detail that emphasizes your special moments and is sure to not disturb your guests.   Each special moment is authentically anticipated and prepared for through years of memorable wedding experiences. You will benefit by our natural, unobtrusive style with an eye for detail that emphasizes your special moments and is sure to not disturb your guests.
Don't settle for seconds when it comes to the importance of preserving your wedding for your future generations. Trust the experts, trust a proven leader, trust in experience, trust Agape Weddings.

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Agape Weddings in Lake County serves Chicago il for wedding photographer. Searches for a quality wedding photographer within Chicago Illinois. Milwaukee Wisconsin as well as Kenosha and Racine Wisconsin also benefit from Agape Wedding as experienced Milwaukee photographers and videographer. Agape Weddings is an award winning Chicago wedding photographer and Chicago wedding videographers.

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